The Hemp Industries Association of Florida, Inc. (HIAFL) was started by a group of industry leaders who saw the opportunity that Florida has to be the leader in an industry that is currently taking shape around the nation. While Florida is not first to the table, the climate, business friendliness, business-government cooperation, education and employee talent pool, diverse soil throughout the state and a spirited group of entrepreneurs makes Florida the perfect State to set the standards going forward.

Our founding board members span the business model to afford us the knowledge and contacts to grow our organization.

Our executives are adept in legal, business and finance to allow the association to navigate the choppy waters that are the legal hurdles, financial hurdles and business risk models that will either hinder or help this industry flourish.

Finally, our marketing team is adept in electronic, telephonic and paper to make sure that our members feel valued and appreciated from application to retirement. We are looking forward to promoting scholarships for students, hosting annual conferences for the general public and hosting trade shows for our industry partners at least twice a year in the upper and lower part of the State.

We thank you for taking your valuable time to learn about our organization and we welcome you to make application for membership to join us on this mission of hemp.




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